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"YES Together provides a safe, fun, and nurturing environment where everyone can learn, play, and grow.  It is our intention to do this by creating a place where everyone can meaningfully connect and engage through art, movement, and nature." 

Magali Lenarczak | Art Director

YES Together Foundation provides many avenues of opportunity for mentorship experiences for youth to access their innate wisdom, gifts and purpose so they can build a foundation of connection and value within their own lives. 

Meet the founder - Dee Godere

YES Together Foundation Founder & CEO, Dee Godere

Yes Together Foundation | Founder & Chair

As we make our way through the journey of life, it is precious to be reminded that all lives are intertwined by the threads of our individual choices that weave into the tapestry of our collective consciousness. 

Our challenges and achievements will create opportunities for learning, further encouraging the next generations to seek their own paths to personal development and self-actualization. 

It is within these opportunities that we find our purpose and unlock the hidden treasures of our potential together. 

The world awaits your unique contribution to the symphony of life. 

May you embrace the joy and power of perseverance through following your heart.

Dreams do come true!

With gratitude!

 - Dee Godere

How YES supports youth.

Yes together foundation hosts a variety of classes and mentorship opportunities that provide youth with a safe and welcoming space to discover their passions. 

How YES supports the community.

We invite our community to share their own unique passions with youth by designing classes for them to learn and develop new skills. 

Youth in nature

How You can support YES.

Volunteering Group

Volunteer your time.

  • Create and develop classes to enrich the lives of our communities youth.

    • Help organize upcoming classes & events.

    • Share and promote our Foundation's mission.

    Share your passion.

    • Develop & facilitate a class.

    • Share your ideas of activities & classes that you can see enriching the lives of our youth.

    • Volunteer as a cofacilitator.

    Share your passion with YES

    Contribute to our foundation.

    • Donate funds or materials that go toward sustaining our Foundation's mission.

    Partner with us.

    • Join our Foundation in offering your expertise & support to youth.

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