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Through connecting with nature we become interconnected to the natural world around us. We strengthen & develop our awareness to the natural rhythms & cycles of our own lives. Thus creating a deep sense of responsibility in being the stewards of our world. 

Join YES for a nature walk.

Connecting with our abundant natural world. 

Learn about our ecosystem's diversity

Youth explore the rich diversity of our pacific northwest ecosystems. They learn about the importance of preserving and conserving the unique flora and fauna in addition to gaining appreciation of the natural beauty and biodiversity of the region. 

Environmental awareness

Youth discuss the challenges and opportunities for sustainable living and eco-friendly practices in the Pacific Northwest. 

Plant identification 

Youth learn how to identify native plants , trees, and mushrooms. Youth help to identify iconic pacific northwest species like Douglas Fir, Western red cedar, Pacific rhododendron, chanterelles, oysters, and shiitakes. 

Wildlife spotting

Youth discover the region's diverse wildlife that surrounds them and gain insight into their behaviors and habitats.

YES Together nature walk

Upcoming classes

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