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A team passionate about supporting youth.

We are a collective of thinkers, dreamers, and makers operating from a heart centered intention.

We believe in the innate wisdom, kindness, and brilliance of human beings.

We aim to build a support system for these qualities as we see them manifesting in our youth. 

Meet our Board.

YES Together Foundation CEO & Founder, Dee Godere

Dee Godere

Founder & Chair

When I was a little girl growing up on a farm in Canada, I had a dream. My adoptive parents filled my childhood with rich experiences, love, and nurturing. They also instilled within me the gifts of integrity, trust, and compassion for all those around me. Farm life gifted me with an appreciation for physical activity and exploration. My time spent caring for our animals inspired my lifelong love of nature, in all of its forms. For the past 30 years I have dedicated my life to inspiring others to live active, healthy lives. Through mentoring and classes, I have worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging them to engage their bodies, minds, and hearts to their highest potential. The childhood dream I spoke of?  The ''YES TOGETHER FOUNDATION'' is its fulfillment. I am excited now to put that dream into action, for the highest good of all.

YES Together Foundation Treasurer, Tatiana Craivanu

Tatiana Craivanu


I am passionate about empowering youth to be authentic, self-confident, creative, and resourceful. I have more than 20 years of professional experience in banking, real estate, and business consulting. I hold an MBA and a bachelor’s in business administration from California State University.

YES Together Foundation Director of Programs, Zach Howell

As a child I was described by many as being troubled. I was the kid that expressed extreme defiance towards any authority and had troubles focusing in school. As a result of this behavior I spent three years away from home in several programs. I was fortunate in gaining unique wisdom from these experiences. After graduating from the last program, I've had the dream of working with kids similar to me and was honored when I received the opportunity to go back and work at the program as a mentor. I feel my alignment with YES and all the team members involved have been nothing short of divine.  

Zach Howell

Program Director

YES Together Foundation Secretary, Renee Winn

Renée Winn


I am thrilled to be part of YES Together Foundation, along with my two teenagers Aubrey and Evelyn. When all four of my children were little, I searched out engaging activities they would enjoy, within our tight budget, to help them learn in their own unique ways. My two oldest children are now grown and I am raising the last two as a single mom and incredibly proud of their interest to join me in giving back to our community in this way. I am also a full time Realtor in the Puget Sound area and bring a background in corporate training, marketing, web design, yoga, and writing to my role as Secretary. 

YES Together Foundation Director of Operations, Melissa Cox

Melissa Cox

Operations Director

I'm fueled by a profound commitment to nurture the vast potential of our youth. At YES, we are passionate about fostering a community where youth can explore and cultivate their passions. During my work with YES, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a safe and inclusive learning environment. My career background is in healthcare and technology, in addition I am the owner of Swell Media, LLC., a photography and media design company located in Lake Stevens, WA. Through my involvement with YES, I have found so much joy in contributing to the betterment of our community and the lives of the youth we serve. I invite you to join us!

YES Together Foundation member

Esther Marks

Director of Environmental Programs

From my beginning as a young woodland trekking fanatic, following behind my Dad on the many trails of the PNW, I have had an appreciation for wild things. In my formative years I held a deep curiosity about the flora and fauna that graced every square inch of my explorations. My development into the teens and twenties was about understanding those beings that shared that cherished space. In the 2000's I joined multiple Mycological societies intent on education and sharing with others along with loads of herbalism programs partnering with Mother Earth to bring health to those who needed that medicinal and energetic healing. I have put in energy to pass on this knowledge to my kin and community. I look forward to working with others to do the same!

Meet our Team.

Altruism | Integrity | Compassion

To a future in which youth explore and learn, we say “YES”.

To living life intentionally in heart centered consciousness, we say “YES”.

We are Youthful Empowered Spirits. We are YES.

YES Together Foundation member

I firmly believe that art can bring people together. I aim to create a fun and safe environment where participants can express themselves freely and connect with one another, encouraging them to have fun, be creative, and discover something new about themselves every day. I was born and raised in a small town in France, and always had an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us and the power of artistic expression. 

Magali Lenarczak

Director of Art Programs

YES Together Foundation member

Aubrey Marie

Foundation member

I am passionate about art and nature and hopes to pursue a career as an art teacher when I graduate. I am excited to bring my passions and interests into YES Together to help children experience these things in the same way I had the chance to when I was little. I hope to help them fall in love with the beauty of the area where we live and help them find their own passions.

YES Together Foundation member

I am a dedicated advocate for children's connection with nature, hailing from Chicago, IL. With a wealth of experience in the Boy Scouts, I am on a mission to ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience the wonders of the great outdoors. My love for nature and expertise gained from years in the Boy Scouts are the driving forces behind my passion. I firmly believe that nature provides a unique classroom where kids can develop invaluable life skills. My commitment to this cause is unwavering.

Valerie Nelson

Foundation member

YES Together Foundation member

Evelyn Renée

Foundation member

I am a high schooler who loves to help with kids. I enjoy cooking and love to share my hobby with kids too. When I was little, my mom would take me to fun experiences and classes that would benefit my learning and helped me find out what I was interested in. When money was tight, finding these activities that were budget friendly helped my mom just as much as they did me, and now I am honored to help other families in the same way.

YES Together Foundation member

Anashe Mashapure

Dance Facilitator

I love to dance and share my passion of movement with others. I create a fun and inviting class designed for kids to play fun games, learn new dance moves, and dance routines to kid friendly music.

YES Together Foundation member

Hope Mashapure

Music Facilitator

I have a huge passion for music and sharing my passion with others. In my class I will teach others how to organize theatrical plays while learning to sing, act, and make stories.

YES Together Foundation member

Bella Mashapure

Fashion Facilitator

I am a fashion enthusiast and love sharing my skills with others. I enjoy teaching others about hand sewing skills and would love for you to come join me at my next class.

YES Together Foundation member

Bill Edgar

Board & Technology Advisor

I channel my expertise into advising YES and am dedicated to supporting youth. I am a photographer and former Chief Information Officer (CIO) with a passion for capturing life's moments and making a positive impact. I blend the artistry of photography with the strategic mindset gained from years in the tech world. 

YES Together Foundation member

MacArthúr Lewis II

Foundation member

I am a green-thumbed guru from Lynnwood, WA, whose love for nature knows no bounds. As a gardening enthusiast, I have dedicated my life to cultivating both plants and young minds. I know that by instilling a love for the natural world in children, I'm nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards. 

Additional amazing YES foundation members:

  • Ana & Lionel Madriz

  • Carol Carlson

  • Don Emerson

  • Rungano George Mashapure

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